About Our Courses

In our passion to change our world by changing one heart and mind at a time, we have a series of FREE COURSES that will enable anyone begin to become the person that they were destined to be. While a lot of people will need a degree to open various doors there are also many people do not need a degree, but they do need tobe fully prepared for their calling. Our FREE online courses are to help people along their path of personal development to enable them to learn the truth about God, the world, others, and things and expose lie-based beliefs that rob, steal, and destroy in their own lives and the lives of people around them.

That God has called many into the business realm to minister God’s grace, and establish the kingdom of God through Kingdom Business principles, and by walking in the grace and presence of God, bringing His Kingdom into every realm of society. Each of us has a mission, anda calling, and each believer should be prepared, and continue to grow in order to fulfill his/her own calling and purpose in life.

As much as possible we endeavor to give freely, as it has been given unto us. Listed below will be some courses that will benefit a variety of believers. To sign up, just fill out the registration form (FREE) and follow the links to the courses you desire.


We have a variety of courses for every level of learner. We also have courses in English and Chinese.

Bible Courses:We will be providing courses in OT, NT, Apologetics, Christian Counseling, Church History, Ministry Leadership, Spiritual FOrmation, Systematic Theology, Worldview & Ethics, and Missions. We have a variety of courses inCHINESE. (Click)

Our Courses are in the following format online, and many of them also are available in mp3 format, CD, DVD sets

FREE:Many courses are available at no cost in the areas of OT, NT, Apologietics, Church History, Christian Counseling, and Christian Ministry

TRANSFORMU CERTIFICATE COURSES:Are you a Christian School teacher or ministry staff member who needs to take a course for Continuing Education Credits? Through partnership with Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN) you will have over 40 courses available at a nominal cost in OT, NT, and Christian Apologetics. These courses will include quizzes for each lesson, and a downloadable certificate of completion.

COURSES FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT:We will be providing many courses can be taken for credit from CUGN through collaborating schools, we will have over 100 courses to choose from.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE:We have a program to enable non-English speaking students improve their English on an online course that includes Skype tutoring and conversation with their teacher.

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